How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Our goal at Zavius Jewelers is to simplify the process of buying the perfect engagement ring.
This guide will show you how to choose a unique engagement ring you can treasure forever.

Set a Budget

Before selecting an engagement ring you should decide on a budget you feel comfortable with to ensure you find your ideal option.There is an old wives tale that an engagement ring should cost 3 months of your salary, but that isn’t always the case. A budget for the perfect engagement ring depends on your significant other’s wants and your own personal circumstance. If you are purchasing a ring at Zavius Jewelers, we have a flexible payment options including 12 month financing, layaway, and easy monthly payments with Synchrony Bank.

Choose a Diamond

Diamonds are the classic choice for an engagement ring. Understanding the 4 C’s, cut, color, carat weight, and clarity can help you identify the diamond that is best for your budget and ring. To find the perfect diamond for you, we recommend selecting a diamond shape and then finding a balance between size and quality. Sometimes choosing a smaller diamond can get you a higher quality diamond, while opting for a diamond with some color or a lower cut grade can allow you to get a larger carat weight within your budget. At Zavius we carry only natural God made stones and have decided against stocking lab created stones due to their lack of value. However, we are to able source a lab created stone at the customer’s request. One great option for customers who have a budget is to start with a smaller natural center stone and use our upgrade program to have the stone replaced with a larger one in the future. We offer full trade in value for your center stone. Please see our full trade in explanation under the jewelry tab, warranty.

Diamonds are the classic choice for an engagement ring.

Diamond Shapes

Diamond shapes for engagement rings
Platinum and yellow gold are the most popular choices for engagement rings.

Select a Ring

Choose a Setting

We offer a broad range of ring settings, but we’ll help you narrow down the options by taking into account the style preferences, lifestyle, and personality of your partner. Ring styles can range from halo engagement rings to a solitaire ring, or even a custom engagement ring so it’s important that you have help in finding the perfect setting for your partner.

Precious Metal Options

Platinum and yellow gold are the most popular choices, but learn about your precious metals options before selecting the right metal for your engagement ring. Zavius offers yellow gold, platinum, rose gold, and white gold metal options for engagement rings. For those with metal allergies, platinum is a naturally hypoallergenic choice.

Find Your Partner’s Ring Size

If you don’t know your partner’s ring size, that’s no problem at all. We’ll teach you a few simple tips and tricks that can help you figure it out.