Zavius Jewelers offers appraisals for insurance purposes. A written statement of the authenticity, quality, design and value of a piece of jewelry. A detailed, accurate appraisal is needed to protect your interest and serves as proof of ownership should any of your jewelry be found or recovered. This service is offered for jewelry purchased in our store as well as for items that you already own. It is important to insure your jewelry against loss, theft, and damage. Please see the link to Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance.

Jewelry is appraised to comply with requirements of the insurance company to validate the rider added to a policy to cover an amount above the scheduled minimum. Note: most renters and homeowners policies offer minimum coverage of all unscheduled personal property including jewelry.

THE SETTING  purity or carat, gram weight, method of manufacture, condition, style, stamps and engravings
THE MAJOR STONE  shape, size, carat weight, clarity, variety, and origin (natural or man made)
MINOR STONES  including shape, size, weight, color, clarity and condition
TOTAL GEM WEIGHT  will be listed and a digital photograph attached

The appraisal will provide enough information to replace the item with one of like size, quality and value in the event of loss or damage, retail comparisons, estate sale or resale.

Zavius Jewelers offers complimentary inspection of your jewelry originally purchased in our store. For a small charge, we can restore your piece to nearly new with a full cleaning and restoration process. Our jewelers will professionally clean and inspect your jewelry for worn prongs, faulty clasps, or other potential problems. This is important to do on a regular basis to ensure the life and beauty of your jewelry.

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